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07 February 2010 @ 06:18 pm

I made lots of icons, mainly Miles (/Michael Sheen) cos i love him so.47 icons under hereCollapse )

No need for credit, I'm not bothered really.
29 March 2009 @ 03:38 pm

Posted a few more BYT icons, among others, back at my journal.

Some teasers:


Up and over we go

18 June 2008 @ 10:36 am
Here is a quote for your viewing (read: reading) pleasure:

"   Adam came and sat next to Nina.
    "Hullo," they said to each other.
    "My dear, do look at Mary Mouse's new young man," said Nina.
    Adam looked and saw that Mary was sitting next to the Maharajah of Pukkapore.
    "I call that a pretty pair," he said.
    "Oh, how bored I feel," said Nina.  " page 135, Vile Bodies
23 May 2008 @ 07:23 pm
Hello! The new layout is up, and I hope you all approve?

Here is a random quote from the book, after Mrs. Melrose Ape gave her speech at Margot Metroland's party: "Adam and Nina and Miss Runcible began to giggle, and Margot Metroland for the first time in her many parties was glad to realize that the guest of the evening was going to be a failure. It had been an awkward moment." (Waugh 138)
21 May 2008 @ 07:19 pm
First order of business:

We all know that the lovely David Tennant, aka Ginger (*points to icon*) is now the enormously famous star of Doctor Who. But last week, his BYT costar Fenella Woolgar had a guest spot on the show -- playing yet another Agatha!

If you're in the UK, you can still watch The Unicorn And The Wasp at the BBC site. (If that link doesn't work, try this: Main Doctor Who Site) I think the episode only stays up  online until the next ep is aired on Saturday. And if you don't live in the UK, well, *cough* I'm sure you can find it using other covert methods.

Second, I finally got around to making an icon for the community. Don't mean to step on aralias's toes here - but this is what I came up with:


So a couple different choices of text, I guess. I was also kind of thinking of making a header with that same screenshot for the top of the page, let me know if you're interested in something like that.
10 April 2008 @ 06:02 pm
Okay, so now that there are (at least) two members on this community who can CREATE icons, it is time to get a GOOD icon for this community! What do you say? (I made the current one using Paint... not the best quality out there)

As long as the icons says "bright_sadness" "Bright Young Things" or, if all text "Sex... Scandal... Celebrity... some things never change" it shall be used!

This is of course on the condition that people feel like creating icons (They will be noted and credited on the User Info page, and if more than one icons is created... then we shall trade every month, or something to that effect...).

Alright, so this wasn't very well thought out, but think of it more as an icon request, rather than a contest (which, by the way, it is not... a contest). :O) And the icon shall be used for the community! Exciting!

Or, if you have already made icons and believe one of them should be used for the community, say so! :O)
I had the fortune to see BYT again this weekend, and was extremely happy.

So, now I have a question:

How did you hear about it?
Did you see it in the theater, or are you, like me, a lucky stumbler?

I had the good fortune to have a mother who is obsessed with Stephen Fry, so she got the movie because he directed it. I was amazed at the coincidence of the time, since I watched it just after becoming obsessed with Brideshead Revisited (also a glorious book by Evelyn Waugh).

Also, please feel free to ask questions, post icons/graphics and comment to your hearts content! And do not forget to drag your friends (duct tapped if need be) to a showing of the movie and then over here!

Also, I am sure I have said this, but I shall say it again: if you have not yet read the book (Vile Bodies), then do so. And then read the prequel, Decline and Fall.
hello ye few but faithful.

i've just watched and fallen in love with bright young things (three viewings in a week. perhaps a trifle excessive). then i went looking for icons. when i couldn't really find any i made some.

they look kind of like this:

a very few more beneath the cut. because i got bored. and tiredCollapse )

feel free to take any you want.

also, when i was looking for icons one of my friends pointed me in the direction of these by artintheblood which i don't think are up on this community, so i thought i'd share the link.
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01 March 2008 @ 01:23 pm
Here are two Bright Young Things icons posted in Objection_Icons. These are not affiliated with this community, but they said "shareable" so I figured a link could not go wrong! They are of Adam and Nina, I believe. So head on over, snag and give credit to the creator!

23 January 2008 @ 03:02 pm
Here is a quote from Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh. This was his first novel, I believe, and sheds light on such characters as Lady Metroland (once Margot Beste-Chetwynde) and Miles Malpractice.

This quote is about Paul Pennyfeather, the "hero" of Decline and Fall, but I think it works well for most of Evelyn Waugh's male protagonists (such as Adam).

"Paul Pennyfeather would never have made a hero, and the only interest about him arises from the unusual series of events of which his shadow was witness" (Waugh 164).

I mean, I became attached to Adam while reading the book and during the movie, just like you would probably become attached to Paul. Still, this quote functions on a certain level: that it explains Waugh's indifference towards his character.

What do you think?